Ever cook something just because you were bored? Well, on this warm & sunny Friday afternoon in L.A., I decided to cook up some fried rice. I happened to have a few cups of leftover steamed rice in the fridge (which is what is recommended to use because it has less moisture than the fresh stuff). I also had about 1/4 of a ribeye steak I had for dinner the other night. So I chopped up some onions, garlic and baby portobello mushrooms, tossed them in an iron skillet with olive oil, salt & pepper and sauteed for a few minutes. Then I added about a cup & a half of frozen veggies (bell pepper, snap peas & new potatoes). Sauteed that a few minutes more, then added the steak which I had chopped up. Next, I fluffed up the rice with my hands to separate the grains, then added it to the skillet. Tossed it all around with some rice wine vinegar, a drop of sesame oil and some Toyomansi which is a combination of soy sauce, calamansi and chili pepper flavoring. Calamansi is a small, almost sour Asian lime found often in Filipino cuisine. I turned up the heat and tossed it around another few minutes, tasted it, added a little low sodium soy sauce and fresh ground pepper with a dash of sea salt. Mmm mmm goooooood!

Steak fried rice