Good Sunday everyone. I’m currently noshing on leftover seafood pasta that my wife brought home from dinner last night with some friends. Penne, marinara and mozzarella with mussels, clams and other unidentifiable creatures. I added a dash of red pepper flakes and a touch of sea salt to jazz it up. Turned out well for leftovers. I popped in to the drugstore earlier and contemplated picking up Panda Express or something else hot but my conscience prevented me knowing there were leftovers waiting in the fridge at home. What are you eating today?

For you


Happy Friday foodies! It’s overcast and cold here in L.A. Rain is predicted for today and tomorrow. I LOVE it! Well I’ve been thinking a lot about what sort of content I wanted to add to this blog in the coming weeks so I thought I’d ask you guys, my hungry readers. What would you like to see me blog about? It should obviously be food-related. Besides the usual food pics, what specific topics do want to read? More about eating as a kid growing up in a household where both of my parents cooked? The food I’ve eaten during my various foreign excursions? Bad food experiences? What else? It’s up to you. Let me hear it!

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“Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?” ~Author Unknown

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