Evening all. So another weekend of eating comes to a close. My regular after-church dinner tonight consisted of a visit to a trendy ethnic place in Culver City called Pho Show (a take on the slang for “for sure” pronounced “fo’ show“) with my wife Melissa, brother-in-law Mark and good friend Diane. When Pho Show first opened a couple years ago, they served mostly what their name suggests, Vietnamese pho soup. If you haven’t had pho and you’re a soup or ethnic food-lover, you must try! This place is nicer than most places you’d normally get pho from which are usually mom & pop Vietnamese restaurants where English is a second language. Nothing against those places at all because the food is usually super-cheap and mostly delicious. Anyway, at Pho Show, you’ll find more fashionable decor with cool lounge music playing and prices that are a wee bit higher. I hadn’t been here in a long time, so I was pleasantly surprised to see they significantly expanded their menu. So for starters, we ordered a “chef’s choice” appetizer combo which meant the chef picked 3 random appetizers for us. We got Thai beef satay skewers, pot stickers w/spicy citrus soy sauce and shrimp spring rolls w/peanut sauce.

Thai beef skewers, pot stickers and shrimp spring rolls

All were well-executed. The others ordered a few dishes to share, one of which was a favorite of mine: salt & pepper fish. I snagged a piece while they weren’t looking…YUM! If you like seafood, ask for this dish next time you get Chinese (and not at Panda Express). It most likely won’t be on the menu, but just ask them to do a salt and pepper deep fried fish fillet. Basically the same thing they do with shrimp or calamari (which usually is on the menu) but instead with pieces of cod or other white, flaky fish. Every sit-down Chinese place we’ve been to has made it for us even if it wasn’t on the menu. So I glanced at the big, black chalkboard on the wall to see what the specials were. I noticed something odd: steak. Not just any steak, they were serving New York strip, T-bone and filet mignon! Huh?? I took a long look at the menu again but couldn’t stop thinking about treating my taste buds to a nice, juicy steak so, I went for it: T-bone cooked medium w/black pepper sauce. It was no perfectly-cooked steak from my favorite steak place Fleming’s, but it sure hit the spot. It came with a big scoop of fluffy fried rice. Being Filipino, I appreciated that. Anyway, it was a very good meal. I left feeling satisfied.

Salt & pepper fish

T-bone steak & fried rice

I realize my recent posts have basically been reviews of food establishments but, I promise that’s not all I’ll be blogging about. Bear with me as I continue to figure things out. It will be a work-in-progress for a little while at least. Your feedback is always appreciated!

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“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” —-Virginia Woolf