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Spinach ricotta ravioli w/marinara & garlic bread

It’s Friday (♫♪♬ Friday, Friday, gettin’ down on Friday…♫♪♬) during Lent which means no meat today. Thankfully we had ingredients to make a meatless meal. I prepared spinach ricotta ravioli with a spiced up marinara & garlic bread. The meal was actually pretty good and I really didn’t miss the meat. Ya know, I guess I should try meatless meals more often. I’m just so used to eating meat since I was brought up eating it and it’s so prevalent in American cuisine…oh yeah, it’s so darned tasty too! I think I’ll try to explore the meatless option a little bit more both eating out and cooking at home. Let’s see how this goes.

The ravioli dish I prepared today reminded me a little of when my mom made spaghetti for the family growing up. I recall taking forkfuls of it and placing it on top of garlic bread, then taking a bite. I’m not sure why it was so good that way, it just was. So tried that today with ravioli…..still delicious! It gave me an idea for an appetizer which I may try some time.

What have you eaten or are you eating today?

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Happy Friday foodies! It’s overcast and cold here in L.A. Rain is predicted for today and tomorrow. I LOVE it! Well I’ve been thinking a lot about what sort of content I wanted to add to this blog in the coming weeks so I thought I’d ask you guys, my hungry readers. What would you like to see me blog about? It should obviously be food-related. Besides the usual food pics, what specific topics do want to read? More about eating as a kid growing up in a household where both of my parents cooked? The food I’ve eaten during my various foreign excursions? Bad food experiences? What else? It’s up to you. Let me hear it!

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“Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?” ~Author Unknown

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