Some of you know about this from previous Facebook posts but, for those not familiar, pictured is a box of fresh fruit & vegetables delivered to our doorstep this morning from a company called “Farm Fresh to You” ( They’re based in northern/central California, though they deliver all over southern Cali as well. We’ve gotten their deliveries for about 5-6 months and couldn’t be happier! We love being challenged to make dishes every month that we might not normally make. We chose to get 1 small box monthly ($25), though you have plenty of options as far as box size, frequency of delivery as well as content of the box. You can suspend or cancel at any time.  They regularly include recipes in the boxes that you can prepare with what you receive.

For lunch today, I had another tuna salad sandwich (see previous post) but this time I was able to have it with fresh lettuce. Delicious!

If you’re interested, please go to the website and sign up with the promo code “6164” and you’ll get $5 off your first delivery. As a bonus, we get a free regular size box on our next delivery.

Pictured, not in order: Murcott oranges from Riverside, navel oranges & bacon avocados from the valley, blood oranges from Oceanside, Kent mangoes from Peru, Garnet yams from Edison, CA, lettuce from Oxnard, cauliflower from Bakersfield and yellow onions from Washington.