“Gold Class” Cinema worthy of its name?


[This is a follow-up to my 1st Yelp review which can be found here.]

It pays to be honest! I’m a fan of Gold Class Cinemas on Facebook and within about a week after my first visit to the theater, I posted a comment on one of their updates saying that I hope they read their Yelp reviews (click here for that review) and provided a link to mine. I get a reply back saying they’d contact me via Yelp. Sure enough, I get a message from a theater rep saying they want to pay for our next visit including dinner and drinks. Nice!! They wanted to make things right and prove that my first visit was probably just an off-night. Anyway, after having to reschedule once, the super-helpful girl I communicated with via e-mail booked my wife and I for last night to watch “Just Go With It” @ 9:30pm…

We stepped inside the lobby and noticed there were no other customers in line. I figured most likely because it was rainy and cold outside. Nevertheless, we were greeted politely by one of the concierges. I gave her my name and she knew exactly who we were and had our tickets ready to go. Check. She proceeded to lead us herself down the escalators, both sets of which were working unlike our first visit. Check. She handed us off to a girl in the swanky lounge/bar area who seated us at a table right in front of the theater. There were several other parties waiting in the lounge and the bar was kinda hopping. Within a minute, our server greeted us with a couple of menus and took our drink orders, then gave us a few minutes to decide on our meal selections. My wife had complained previously that the women’s restroom was relatively messy and certainly not what one would expect at this type of establishment. I suggested she go check it out again even if she didn’t have to “use” it. She went and reported back that everything was just fine this time. Good job guys. Check. Our server brought our drinks (white beer and Diet Coke), took our meal order and explained to us the timeline as to how it would be served to us in the theater. We got our calamari appetizer to tide

White beer & calamari strips w/wasabi mayo

us over until the movie started. About 10 minutes prior to the movie, a girl came over and explained that we should head to our seats in 5 minutes. By the way, the calamari strips were delicious! They came with this nice wasabi mayo dip. We ate them up like they were french fries. The chives that were sprinkled on top kept falling off so I just tossed them into the dip (*note to Gold Class). Our seats were pretty much right in the center. We promptly stowed our jackets in the armrest storage, sat down, kicked our shoes off and hit the recliner button….ahhhhh yes. I was still working on my beer so I set that down on the table between our seats. Our server came out and explained everything for newbies which is what we missed last time. I noticed that, for those who missed the explanation, staff members would seat them and make sure they got the rundown. Nice correction. Check. Movie starts, then, as expected, we got our free individual popcorn bags (perfect for me since, if you know me, I don’t like sharing popcorn in a movie theater). Later, right on time, we got our entrees. Mini burger trio & fries for me, lemon chicken satay w/roasted asparagus for the wife. It was dark but I could see that the burgers looked really tasty. They also came with a side of fresh-made (I assume) potato chips. If I knew that, I might not have ordered the fries especially since they give you a ton of them. Also, the menu didn’t state that the fries are actually waffle fries, only that they are “big fat” fries. Regardless, it was all delicious. My wife’s chicken satay was juicy and flavorful. The roasted asparagus was a bit limp though. Later, we got our desserts…Strawberry Angel Bowl and Death By Chocolate a la mode. The strawberry dish was nice and light, just the right amount of sweetness. The chocolate ganache cake was a little bit rich but the flavors were nice. I was quite full already so I could only eat about half of it.

I must say again, as before, the motorized, reclining seats are one of the best things about this place. I love how there’s a limited amount of seating (hence, less chatter) and that even the front row is not a bad place to sit (they purposely leave about 20 feet between the front row and the screen).

Okay, so round 2: Bravo Gold Class. Great job you guys. I will say that, even though there’s a possibility that my wife and I received somewhat special treatment due to my brutally honest review, they made things right and our 2nd experience definitely lived up to the Gold Class name.

Oh yeah. I’m not a big Adam Sandler fan but the movie was funny and entertaining. Plenty of guy eye candy. That’s all I’ll say. Thanks for reading 🙂

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So my wife and I are headed to Gold Class Cinemas in Pasadena tonight to watch “Just Go With It”. It’s a high-end theater where they serve full dinner and drinks right to your seats. Each theater only has about 40 seats and the seats are motorized recliners! Our first visit a month ago, we felt, wasn’t worth the price so I shared our experience on Yelp (here’s my review: Yelp review). Well, the theater got wind of my review and offered to pay for our next visit. So, we’re going tonight. Expect a full report late tonight or tomorrow. Have a good weekend everyone!

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